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Idea and suggestions
 lagotrasimeno.it : Idea and suggestions
Subject Topic: This is suggestion to all of you! Post ReplyPost New Topic
 This is suggestion to all of you!
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Posted: 06 April 2006 at 4:04pm | IP Logged Quote e-money


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How to transform 6Euro into 6000Euro! READING THIS YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! It has changed mine!!! I have come across it on one forum and have decided to try. Wandering as usually on different sorts of forums I find this article in which it is spoken that it IS POSSIBLE TO MAKE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR COUPLE OF WEEKS AT THE INVESTMENT ONLY OF 6Euro. Well… I have thought, it should be the next chesspiece for limers, but has decided all to read up to the end and find out what is this… further there was spoken, that it is necessary to send 1Euro on some Internet accounts which are herein provided. Then to strike the first account off the list, thus, having displaced the list on one line upwards therefore the sixth line is released where you enter number of your Internet account, and put this message on 200 different forums with your account number on the sixth line. But, if you will try to use cunning, was spoken do not receive expected result and all chain will interrupt… Well I have reflected and have thought, that I basically nothing lose except for 6Euro… and I decided to try … meanwhile I was registered on 70 business forums and free-of-charge bulletin boards. In 7 days I saw that money started to come to my account! … I was in a shock!!! But at that time I have thought, that this is all and it will stop… But in the first week I have made 36Euro, at the end of the second week already more than 1000Euro... To the middle of 3-rd week 10 000 Euro...!!! Now 4th week and I have already counted 42 000 Euro and the sum grows very quickly. Also this is all only for the price of 6Euro!!! I was in very bad economic situation before I had found this article. I have not believed that it works…

Now I’ll tell you how it works and also the most important thing – WHY IT WORKS …! I promise you, that if you in accuracy will observe below listed instructions you will start to receive much more money, than you thought, not applying to this special efforts. Agree, it is simple!!! It legally. And your contribution makes only 6Euro... IMPORTANT: IT NOT THE DECEIT and THUS YOU RISK NOTHING, BUT IT WORKS!!! ATTENTION! READ IT FEW TIMES!!! Follow instructions in ACCURACY and 6000Euro (or even more) will be yours during from 20 about 60 days! All this successfully works due to HONESTY of participants. THESE THREE STEPS TO SUCCESS:


1-st step. You need an account in e-gold system. If you have it, just use it and not more in this step. But if you don’t have one, you have to register it. Just follow next internet address: http://www.e-gold.com/e-gold.asp?cid=3045342 (and you’ll become my referral in e-gold system – this is one more thing how to earn money, in this case money not big, about 10% of transaction fee). Or use next address (if you don’t want to become my referral): http://www.e-gold.com. On this e-gold site you have to register your new account (click on “Create An Account”). Read all carefully and follow instructions. It’s not hard to register an account. Just fill all fields (there are descriptions to all fields). When you register, you’ll receive on your e-mail your e-gold account number. Next you have to put some money on your account (exactly you need 6Euro, but be careful, read all the instructions on e-gold, there is one thing – transaction fee pays the account that receive transaction, so in this case you have to put a little bit more money, but in the future you’ll get all back and even more). Almost forgot. About transaction fee – you can become my referral (use my link above) and next you can (not can, but have to) change link into your referral link (and next people will become your referrals and you’ll get back 10% of transaction fee, for more information, please use following link: http://www.e-gold.com/unsecure/contact.html and read “Do you have a referral program?”). When you become a referral you lose nothing at all, coz referral payment goes from transaction fee, not from your account.


2-nd step. Take first account number from the below-mentioned list, send on it 1Euro (access your e-gold account from e-gold site, click on icon “Spend”, in field “Pay” put first account number from the list in field “Amount” write “1”, in the next field “Choose units…”choose “Euro’s worth” of “Gold” and the last, in “Memo” field write “Please, add me into e-gold account number list”). First payment done. Next you have to send on each of the next five accounts 1Euro, but in field “Memo” don’t write anything. This is list of e-gold account numbers:




3) 3050243 (HERE DON’T WRITE ANYTHING!!!!)

4) 3046968 (HERE DON’T WRITE ANYTHING!!!!)

5) 3048220 (HERE DON’T WRITE ANYTHING!!!!)

6) 3045342 (HERE DON’T WRITE ANYTHING!!!!)


I REPEAT to receive the income, it is necessary to send on each of these 6 account numbers 1Euro - differently you will be simply excluded from system and cannot receive and take the income; otherwise it is better then leave this invention.


Now ATTENTION!!! After you have come through the 2-nd STEP, copy all this text from the beginning up to the end (it is possible to do in txt format or any other way suitable for you). In this copied article delete from this list 1-st account number and to this 1-st line move account number that was on 2-nd line, and on 2-nd line move account number that was on 3-rd line, thus move the list for one line above (6-th becomes 5-th, 5-th becomes 4-th and 6-th becomes 5-th …), and enter in the 6-th line your e-gold account number.


3-rd step. Make in my article what changes you want, but keep the main idea. Place this article on not less than 200 forums and news lines (News Groups). Remember, the more you place, the higher income you will gain, and this income will depend directly from you. This business continues to exist and prosper only DUE TO HONESTY And GRAVITY of PARTICIPANTS. So, when you will reach the first position, you will have thousand Euros simply as the founder of the list! It costs 6Euro and absolutely trifling work! The main thing that this chesspiece works and it’s cool! Engage in it now – don’t putting off ….! TIME IS MONEY!


How to distribute the information in forums:


1. Open searching engine (device) google.com, yahoo.com (or another one)

2. Write in a line of search a phrase: «forum Post a new topic» (without inverted commas) or something like that to find forums where you can put this message (don’t forget, some forums needs to be registered, so don’t be lazy and register on forums).

Searching engine will find thousand pages, a reference on which at once brings you on the form for post a new topic of a forum. And still: be not frightened; if suddenly on that site where you wanted to place the announcement already is one or several similar. It once again confirms that this business REALLY WORKS!

And now I’ll tell you, why you in any case actually lose nothing, but only win! Let’s think. If from 200 messages posted on different forums you’ll receive only 6 answers (it’s not very much, but it’s possible that not more)! It means that you’ll receive 6Euro being on 6-th position in the list (and you get back your first investment)!!!  Now these 6 people put MINIMUM 200 messages on different forums each with your account number on 5-th position, and only 6 people answer to those first six this is already 36Euro! Further 36 people put 200 messages on forums with your account number already on 4-th line and only 6 answers - your income – 216Euro! Now, these 216 people, having placed and having received only 6 answers, gives you 1296Euro profits (you are on 3-rd line)! More interesting further, that these 1296 people put MINIMUM of 200 messages on forums with your account number on 2-nd line and only 6 people answer, it is already 7776Euro! Well and the most interesting, that these 7776 person put 200 messages on forums everyone with your account number already on 1-st line and to them answer only 6 people, then your income – 46656Euro!!! You see, this is such impressive figure, isn’t it?????! Also it is all for the initial contribution of 6Euro! When you are not present in the list, you simply send again 6Euro to the same accounts, as for the first time (for this purpose keep this article in the NOTEBOOK or somewhere near you) and again, you have to move account numbers when remove the first one, put your account number on 6-th position! Think, that 1000 people from all the World connect to the Internet and read these articles everyday! Precisely the same as you now read this! Well, so? Whether you will spend only 6Euro to find out, whether it works? And if all of you will make how I have described above, IT WILL WORK, I SWEAR YOU! This line for pessimists: And suddenly this business will fail also to me anybody of money will not send? BUT YOU SEE each day in the Internet appears from 20000 up to 50000 thousand new users! Under forecasts of experts, only by 2006 year the amount of Internet users will increase from present 9 million people, up to 21 million!!! What chances that they will want to try something new? Only remember: HONESTY And ONLY HONESTY of PEOPLE allows prospering to this business! Well and the last: it is really great axiom: to receive something, it is necessary to give something! And to receive more, it is necessary to give more! Be convinced of it! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!



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